NT8B20AF-03 M7310 Feature Phone by Nortel Norstar Meridian

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Nortel Norstar Meridian M7310 Feature Phone. The NT8B20AF Feature set is equipped with a programmable speakerphone, 10 programmable buttons which allow up to 8 line appearances, and an additional 24 programmable feature buttons. The Feature Set has a 2 line LCD with 3 soft keys. One M7310 User Card is included. Compatible with all Norstar Phone systems.

This fully-featured telephone is designed for users with more extensive calling and call handling requirements. In addition to 10 programmable line or feature buttons, 12 dual-function memory buttons provide quick access to 24 additional features or autodial numbers, ideal for users who often call the same customers, suppliers, or accounts. With its two-line by sixteen- character LCD Window and softkeys, the M7310 is extremely easy to use. The Nortel M7310 phone is considered the most
user friendly of all the Nortel Norstar telephones.

Color Black

Part Numbers related to this Telephone Set: M7310,

A0730740 NT8B21AC-03 M7310 Feature Set ITU D/G
A0730741 NT8B21AC-35 M7310 Feature Set ITU C/G
A0730738 NT8B21AC-03 M7310 Feature Set ITU Black
A0409175 NT8B20AF-93 M7310 Feature Set D/G
A0409174 NT8B20AF-35 M7310 Feature Set C/G
A0409174 NT8B20AF-03 M7310 Feature Set Black
A0397283 NT8B20AB-93 M7310 Feature Set Eng D/G
A0397281 NT8B20AB-35 M7310 Feature Set Eng C/G
A0397279 NT8B20AB-03 M7310 Feature Set Eng Black
A0342858 NT8B20EA-93 M7310 Feature Set Spanish D/G
A0342857 NT8B20EA-35 M7310 Feature Set Spanish C/G
A0342855 NT8B20EA-03 M7310 Feature Set Spanish Black
A0397289 NT8B20BB-93 M7310 Feature Set Fre D/G
A0397287 NT8B20BB-35 M7310 Feature Set Fre C/G
A0397284 NT8B20BB-03 M7310 Feature Set Fre Black
A0372003 NT8B22AA-93 M7310 Feature Set UK D/G
A0371848 NT8B22AA-35 M7310 Feature Set UK C/G
A0372002 NT8B22AA-03 M7310 Feature Set UK Black
A0688231 NT8B20AL-93 M7310 Feature Set Sprint D/G
A0688230 NT8B20AL-35 M7310 Feature Set Sprint C/G
A0688229 NT8B20AL-03 M7310 Feature Set Sprint Black
A0676822 NT8B20AK-93 M7310 Feature Set Bell South D/G
A0676821 NT8B20AK-35 M7310 Feature Set Bell South C/G
A0676820 NT8B20AK-03 M7310 Feature Set Bell South Black
A0648533 NT8B20AH-93 M7310 Feature Set Ameritech D/G
A0648532 NT8B20AH-35 M7310 Feature Set Ameritech C/G
A0648531 NT8B20AH-03 M7310 Feature Set Ameritech Black
A0620212 NT8B20AG-93 M7310 Feature Set Bell Canada Eng D/G
A0620211 NT8B20AG-35 M7310 Feature Set Bell Canada Eng C/G
A0620210 NT8B20AG-03 M7310 Feature Set Bell Canada Eng Black
A0620215 NT8B20BD-93 M7310 Feature Set Bell Canada Fre D/G
A0620214 NT8B20BD-35 M7310 Feature Set Bell Canada Fre C/G
A0620213 NT8B20BD-03 M7310 Feature Set Bell Canada Fre Black

NT8B20 NT8B20AA03 NT8B20AA23 NT8B20AA35
NT8B20AA93 NT8B20AB NT8B20AB03 NT8B20AB-03
NT8B20AB35 NT8B20AB-35 NT8B20AB93
NT8B20AB-93 NT8B20AC03 NT8B20AC35
NT8B20AC93 NT8B20AE NT8B20AE03 NT8B20AE35
NT8B20AE93 NT8B20AF NT8B20AF03 NT8B20AF-03
NT8B20AF35 NT8B20AF-35 NT8B20AF93 NT8B20AF-93
NT8B20BB03 NT8B20BB35 NT8B20BB93 NT8B21 NT8B21AC

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